Sapporo share house BUIE


BUIE share house which is management more than 10 share houses in Sapporo.
Are you looking for the rent room in Sapporo?
Are you a traveler? Would you like to learn Japanese? If you are, welcome to BUIE share house!!
We are creating community space with doing the house party and many events.
Also all our share houses has private rooms and free Wifi. We are preparing the comfortable room for you.


How long will you stay in Sapporo?

We have two type of contract.
over three month →for Long term plan
Only one to three month to stay→for Short term plan
There are the price for each contract.

Long term plan

If you will stay over three month in Sapporo, we recommend you long term plan.
This is the prices
Initial cost=Rent+Common fee+Contract fee+Commission
Monthly fee=Rent+Common fee+Utility cost

-Contract fee and Commission are no back no matter you leave
-The prices are different for each room.


【clean】【nice location】【good priveteroom】
We recommend you if you want to live clean room, have a room with kitchen and private bath, live with your partner. Also has Nice common space.

【international】【20 people] 【nice location】
We recommend you if you want to improve your language skills, make many friends of all over the world, live close to Sapporo city.

【Apartment type】【30-50 people】【fun community】
We recommend you if you want to improve your language skills, make many Japanese friends, learn Japanese culture!


Short term plan

We have a short term plan for minimum 1 month to maximum 3 month.
Room fee : 46,000yen / a month
Utility fee : 12,000yen / a month
( ¥6,000/a month in summer 5~10月 )(¥12,000/a month in winter 11~4月)
Rent fee of Bedding : 5,000yen (if you need)

・Short term plan Notice
-With the short term plan, you don’t need to pay initial costs like Brokerage fee.
-What you need to pay are only rent fee and Utility fee.
-You can’t choose the room. We will choose a vacant one for you at that time.
-Your reservation will be confirmed at the time you’ve done the all the payment.
-We don’t basically accept any refund or extending of your renting term.
-You can pick the check in time between 10:00 to 18:00.
Please let us know what time you’d like 1 week before. If it’s difficult for you, tell us as soon as you can.
-What you need to prepare are Living-ware such as shampoo, towels, hair dryer and so on.
-Payment is lump all at once.



1,How to apply for our share houses.
Please tell us your information by E-mail
(We want to know your infromation that how long would you like to stay, which share house would you like to live in, what will you do in Sapporo etc)
We send you an application form by E-mail.

2, From application to start living
This is a step after you decide a room and living date.
① We send a apprication form
② Put your information in it and return it us with your copy of your passport or visa
③ We examine your information for contract. it takes maximum 4 days.
④ After pass the examine, we send an invoice.
⑤ On the day, we meet up at share house and sign a contract.
※It takes a time before living so we would like you to send an application as soon  as possible.

3, How much does it cost to move in?
After screening process, we send you an invoice for initial fee.
It has the rent of first month, utility fee, common fee, contract fee and commission fee. These prices are depends on the room.
If you would like to bedding set, we sale 10,000yen (Bedding set includes mattress, sheet, futon, futon cover, pillow and pillow cover.)
If you are short term plan, we rent you bedding set for 5,000yen.

4,How can I pay initial cost and payment every month?
We would like you to pay initial cost by transfer into Japanese bank account
or Paypal.
After living share house, it is same.
(We recommend to make Japanese local bank account.)

5,Could I move in share house without private viewing?
It is available to move in without private viewing.
In the case, let me us when you contact us first time.
We can send some photos of rooms.
And please send a self-introduction movie.
It needs for examination for contract.

6, I don’t have a guarantor for contract.
If you have family address and family cell phone number for emergency, even they do not live in Japan it is available to apply.

7,What is the minimum contract length? What if my move-out date is not decided yet?
We make a contract 6 month at the first but if you tell us about moving out share house before 1 month, you can move out share house within 6 .month
So there is no need to have your exact move-out date decided on your move-in day.

8,Can I move-in together with my friend or partner?
We allow two people moving in together as a couple or married couple, or an individual married person moving into BUIE share house.But depends on which share house and room. So please ask about it when you contact to us.