What’s the detail of common fee?
The cost for cleaning staffs,internet fee,mentenanse fee,etc.
Is the utilities fee included in the rent?
It depends on the apartment,but basically it is not included.
How long is the lease?
We take the periodical lease for years to keep a good community.
What is “periodical lease for years”?
It is the contract witch doesn’t have an automatical recontract.
When your contract expires,you can’t sign the recontract without agreement from each other.
Basically we have 6months at first.
If we both want to sign the recontract after 6 months,you can make it 2years at the longest.
Do I have to clean the common area?
We have cleaning staffs to clean all the common area,but they don’t wash dishes.
You have to wash dishes and put them to the cabinet after you used.
What’s the rule of garbage disporsal?
Sapporo City has some rules for disporsing garbeges,and it is strict.
Here is the information,”http://www.city.sapporo.jp/seiso/gomi/gomiwake_guide/documents/english.pdf”
You can get more details in English,Chinese,and Korean as well.
Do you have age limit?
We don’t have age limit in any of our apartments.
But most of them are basically 20s to 30s.
So,all of our apartments may not fit to elderly people.
Is there any furniture in the room already?
Yes,we have a table,chair,and a bed in every single room.
But we don’t have a matress,blankets,and the heater.
What kind of poeple are living in the apartment?
Most of them are working full time,the avelage age is around 25.
Their occupation are all different.
Ten percent of of people are from other country.
The ratio of males and females is 50-50.
Can I bring my friend to the apartment?
Of couse you can,he/she will be welcome to BUIE!
But you need to let all the house mates know that by the mailing list before you bring your friend,
Because they’ll be surprised if they don’t know that your friend’s coming.
Can I use the living room 24hrs?
Rules are different in each apartment.
But basically you can use the living room anytime you want as long as you don’t bother other people.
Can I use the internet there?
You can use the high speed wireless internet (FLETS optical line) right after you got here.
How do I pay all the fees?
Payment acceped by bank transfer.
It is included a rent for next month,and all the utilities fee,and common fee.
Can I make a contract from out of japan or out of hokkaido?
You can make a contract by E-mail.
If you have any questions,please contact to “*******@email adress*****”
Do you think I can make a good relationship with house mates?
We are pretty sure that you will enjoy here!
All of them are waiting for you,they will have a welcome party!
And I’ve seen everyone started enjoying here right after they moved.